Best Practices for Your Elevator Pitch Networking

Best Practices for Your Elevator Pitch

A simple, brief and clear business introduction is called an elevator pitch. This is used verbally in capturing the attention of audiences in less than 20 words, on average. It briefly explains the product or services that your business is offering and the benefits that your customer can get from it. This is artistically formed to motivate or create curiosity to your prospective clients.

However, in creating an elevator pitch, it is important that it should be clear so you can be sure that your pitch is creating curiosity and not confusion to the minds of your possible clients. There are several considerations that you have to consider in making an elevator pitch. One of these is by creating it and revising it several times and making sure that it will really arouse the interest of the customers. To ensure that you can catch the attention of your prospective clients, you have to practice delivering it by speaking it in loud and clear voice in not more than 30 seconds. The 30-second length in delivering it is based on the time that an elevator rises in 30 floors. Elevator pitch should be tailored to the benefits that the business can provide to the customers.

Your elevator pitch is one of the effective practices used in networking. It helps in drawing the attention of potential clients or employers that can be interested in working with you. These are some of the best practices that you can use in creating 30 seconds elevator pitch.

The first thing that you must do is to introduce yourself and the product or service that you are offering. Make sure that you emphasize the benefits that customers can get from your product and create their needs for it. Make it direct to the point so that you can do it within 30 seconds.

You can include in your elevator pitch some promotions that your business is offering such as discounts, coupons, gifts, or other free services. Use the most simple but catchy language that can be easily understood by the possible clients. Choose words that will surely arouse the imagination of the customer until you can create their needs for the product or service. Make sure that you use descriptive words that are apt to the products and smartly deliver it to the customer.

In creating an elevator pitch, you must ensure that it is appropriate to the person or customer whom you are offering it. Selection of words should be suitable for every individual or group of customers so to ensure that it will be clearly understood by them. Make sure that the speech should have an appeal to the clients so that you can surely capture their attention thus make them interested in the products or services that you are offering.

Making a 30 seconds elevator pitch is an art that you have to master to ensure that you will leave a lasting impression to possible clients or prospective investors that will patronize the products that your business is offering.

Sagan Medvec
Co-Founder and Creative Director

Sagan Medvec is the Co-Founder of the Small Business Design Center, and is the Creative Director of the company. Sagan helped start SBDC because of his passion to help small businesses. According to Sagan, “Small businesses are the backbone of our community, and need support to move forward.” Providing meaningful branding, marketing and interactive services and solutions for small businesses is the goal of SBDC. Whether it’s logo design, website design, social media strategy and planning, Sagan and SBDC are ready to help.

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